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Winter Celebration’s in Star Trek

Farstar/ November 26, 2017/ Star Trek, STARFLEET, Uncategorized, Voyager

  We will be posting winter holiday celebrations that we have seen in Star Trek. Voyagers episode called “Mortal Coil” was very depressing to me. I considered not including it in my list of winter Star Trek celebrations. But I then thought of the statistics of loneliness and suicide during the holiday season. This is a time when each of us should reach out to those who do not have family or are suffering from depression. Neelix died and was “resurrected” by Seven of Nine before the Prixin celebration. The experience made him reconsider his faith and his purpose. Remember many people may be experiencing these same things during the holiday season. Star Trek has helped me through some dark times. Let us all reach out to at least once person alone this season. “Prixin was a traditional Talaxian multi-day holiday that celebrated family.” “Prixin was celebrated annually aboard

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