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Star Trek Five Year Mission board game

Farstar/ December 30, 2017/ Meeting, Role Play, RPG, Star Trek, STARFLEET, The Next Generation, The Original Series, TNG

We finally played the full board game, Star Trek The Five Year Mission. We wanted to review the game and offer some advice about game play. Firstly, the game says you have to choose one or the other, Next Generation or The Original Series. The rules say to divide the cards according to which series they represent. We found no need to do this and mixed and matched our crews. You play to a certain point or until you have 5 alert failures or the Enterprise is destroyed. You chose your crew and turn over either a yellow alert, blue alert or red alert. It may cause an injury to the crew or the ship. You have to roll the correct dice to finish the mission. Sometimes it will be a Priority mission that you have to complete before completing any other mission. You have blue, yellow and red

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Star Trek Galileo Shuttle Tent

Farstar/ December 3, 2017/ camping, Star Trek, STARFLEET, tent

I want this tent! I am not the only one, in the image gallery below is some screenshots of comments by people wanting this tent even more than me. I don’t know why the tent hasn’t been produced yet but I bet it has to do with copyright laws. I read this in a comment posted by  another prototype maker: “Just be sure to get permission from CBS Productions, which owns Star Trek, before actually attempting to make this into a product. I encountered the copyright issue when I wanted to build a full-scale replica of the original shuttle and tour the country with it, inspiring yet another generation of students to pursue engineering careers, much like the original TV series inspired me and countless others. I built a small-scale proof-of-concept prototype (which you can see here: but when I contacted CBS Productions their response was essentially, “Don’t

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Where No Man Has Gone Before RPG

Farstar/ December 3, 2017/ Meeting, Role Play, RPG, Star Trek, STARFLEET, The Original Series

There are a lot of RPG Star Trek games out there. The newest and most popular is Star Trek Adventures. We haven’t purchased the books yet. We will review it as well. We have just started to play the Where No Man Has Gone Before and fan based RPG. It is really campy and if you aren’t an original series fan, it probably isn’t for you. We are loving it, we have only played out a few short missions to get the feel of it. But it is a lot of fun.   Quoting from the creator’s page; If you spontaneously find yourself humming the fight theme from “Amok Time” when you see people getting into an argument…if you miss the days when special effects were a fistful of glitter in a tank of water, when science fiction on television really did push social boundaries, when rocks were made of

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How Star Trek revolutionised​ the modern world — Stephen Liddell

Farstar/ November 30, 2017/ Star Trek, STARFLEET, The Original Series

  Star Trek recently celebrated its 51st birthday and this week with the launch of Star Trek Discovery the mission to entertain and inspire continues with renewed vigor. The scientific inventions that we use on a daily basis inspired by WW2 generation writers inspired by visions of the 23rd century are well documented and growing. Communicators […] via How Star Trek revolutionised​ the modern world — Stephen Liddell

What is STARFLEET International Fan Club

Farstar/ November 27, 2017/ Star Trek, STARFLEET

“STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc., also known as STARFLEET International or just plain STARFLEET, is an association for the fans of the Star Trek television and film series. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, STARFLEET is the world’s largest science fiction fan club, currently numbering 4,234 members in 237 separate chapters around the globe, according to the most recent count.” “STARFLEET is incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of the State of North Carolina, the United States of America, and has been granted 501(c)(7) status by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. The organization derives its organizational structure from the fictional Starfleet organization depicted in Star Trek, and within the organization the name ‘STARFLEET’ is used exclusively to denote the fan movement, while ‘Starfleet’ refers to the fictional entity.” “STARFLEET places emphasis on community service, and encourages its chapters to take part in

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Winter Celebration’s in Star Trek

Farstar/ November 26, 2017/ Star Trek, STARFLEET, Uncategorized, Voyager

  We will be posting winter holiday celebrations that we have seen in Star Trek. Voyagers episode called “Mortal Coil” was very depressing to me. I considered not including it in my list of winter Star Trek celebrations. But I then thought of the statistics of loneliness and suicide during the holiday season. This is a time when each of us should reach out to those who do not have family or are suffering from depression. Neelix died and was “resurrected” by Seven of Nine before the Prixin celebration. The experience made him reconsider his faith and his purpose. Remember many people may be experiencing these same things during the holiday season. Star Trek has helped me through some dark times. Let us all reach out to at least once person alone this season. “Prixin was a traditional Talaxian multi-day holiday that celebrated family.” “Prixin was celebrated annually aboard

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USS Far Star’s First Public STARFLEET Meeting

Farstar/ November 26, 2017/ Meeting, Star Trek, STARFLEET

We are having our first public STARFLEET fan club meeting here in Kerrville TX. Join us Wednesday night, January 10th 2018. Entertainmart has graciously allowed us to use their space. If you haven’t been there yet, check it out. They have games, videos, science fiction and fantasy items. It’s our new favorite place. We will be meeting at 7pm. Come dressed as your favorite Star Trek character or just as yourself. We will meeting in the coffee shop inside the Entertainmart. Find out about all the exciting things we have planned for USS Far Star and bring your own ideas as well. Contact us for information