Farstar/ December 30, 2017/ Meeting, Role Play, RPG, Star Trek, STARFLEET, The Next Generation, The Original Series, TNG

We finally played the full board game, Star Trek The Five Year Mission. We wanted to review the game and offer some advice about game play.

Firstly, the game says you have to choose one or the other, Next Generation or The Original Series. The rules say to divide the cards according to which series they represent.

We found no need to do this and mixed and matched our crews. You play to a certain point or until you have 5 alert failures or the Enterprise is destroyed.

You chose your crew and turn over either a yellow alert, blue alert or red alert. It may cause an injury to the crew or the ship. You have to roll the correct dice to finish the mission. Sometimes it will be a Priority mission that you have to complete before completing any other mission. You have blue, yellow and red dice. The card may ask for a certain color or white which means any color. Some cards have a timer that you flip onto the card. If you don’t finish that mission before the timer, you fail that mission. Five failed missions or the ship being destroyed and you lose.

That’s the basics of the game. The cards are very retro and have great photos and the alert cards are things that have happened in episodes

Secondly, we played two players which is something that isn’t suggested. We both chose two crewman, one from each series. Since it’s a cooperative game, we chose a complimentary crew. We switched off between our two crew members each turn. We won our first round but we think it was due to forgetting to draw a card a number of times, whoops.

It was a lot of fun, there is a lot of things going on, you may get a card that you save for another turn based on your special ability. You can can it to your other crew mates too.

It was fun, a little complicated, just enough to not be bored.

My next blog is going to be how to build the game tabletop that the XO of our chapter made for us. You will notice it in the photos.

The game is definitely worth the $20.