Farstar/ December 3, 2017/ Meeting, Role Play, RPG, Star Trek, STARFLEET, The Original Series

There are a lot of RPG Star Trek games out there. The newest and most popular is Star Trek Adventures. We haven’t purchased the books yet. We will review it as well.

We have just started to play the Where No Man Has Gone Before and fan based RPG. It is really campy and if you aren’t an original series fan, it probably isn’t for you. We are loving it, we have only played out a few short missions to get the feel of it. But it is a lot of fun.


Quoting from the creator’s page;

If you spontaneously find yourself humming the fight theme from “Amok Time” when you see people getting into an argument…if you miss the days when special effects were a fistful of glitter in a tank of water, when science fiction on television really did push social boundaries, when rocks were made of foam, consoles were made of explodium, and nobody blinked twice when this week’s episode featured a planet of actual space Nazis…when the pinnacle of awesome involved a shirtless man punching it out with a big rubber lizard to prove a point of morality to alien space gods…then this might be for you.

TL:DR: “Where No Man Has Gone Before” is a high camp, TOS-only RPG based on the Microlite20 ruleset. Lots of random tables, with the design goal of having as short a distance between picking up and playing as humanly possible.

If you are interested in all the free PDF’s, drop us an email.

Or check out the creator’s website. http://trek.abillionmonkeys.com/