Welcome to the USS Far Star NFC-7840. We are a new chapter of the International Federation of Trekkers in central Texas. We hold monthly meetings, Star Trek viewing parties, gaming, social services in the community, BBQ’s, cosplay and more sci-fi fun!

Far Star Lancer Frigate Class

Far Star NX-7840 Lancer Light Frigate Class

Our first meeting will be held in Kerrville Texas


We, the fans of Star Trek, and members of International Federation of Trekkers or The Federation for short, in order to provide a group for persons with an interest in the Star Trek universe, to provide a social organization in which people of diverse backgrounds with similar interests can interact, to promote an optimistic future as envisioned in the Star Trek universe.

And to support that optimistic future through community services, social activities and creative endeavors do hereby establish these bylaws for the organization, USS Far Star NFC-7840